4 Stunning Gaming Laptops For Hardcore Gamers

The laptop can be used to do any simple duties but some are used to play games. Most of them are hardcore gamers that need laptops with the best specifications. Today we will list 4 of them for hardcore gamers

1) EON17-X

This laptop can be easily moved around as it fits perfectly into your luggage or bag.

* Comes in 4 color options
* Comes with an 83% screen to body ratio
* Comes with two speakers in front and one subwoofer

2) EVO14-S

Comes in at only 2.4 lbs and has a battery life of up to 16 hours

* Comes with fast charging and can get up to 80% in one hour
* Comes with a high resolution of 90hz 1800p display
* Can get up to 4.7 GHz speed

3) EVO15-S

It is powered by Geforce 30 graphic card and is only 0.78 inches thin

* Comes with an 88% screen to body ratio
* Can get up to 150W of power
* Comes with 64GB DDR memory

4) EVO17-S

Can customize this laptop to your personal style

* Comes with a 240hz QHD display
* CPU temperature can be lowered with liquid metal paste
* Comes with a durable full-sized keyboard

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