7 Kid’s Play Gym That Can Develop Their Brain

Kids need good nutrition as well as a good plaything that can develop their brain development. There are many things you can choose from for the kids. This is important in their early stage and can be very useful later on in their life. Today we will list 7 kids’ play gyms that can develop their brains.

1) The play gym

The complete gym gives early lessons for the kids on their development like batting, teething, and learning how to stay focused.

* Suitable from 0 years onwards
* Comes with 5 development zones on the playmat
* Comes with a system of interchangeable cards

2) The organic cotton play tunnel

Perfect to play hide and seek to develop strength and balance.

* For kids aged 12 and above
* Made using baby-safe materials like organic cotton
* Easy to carry anywhere

3) The block set

A system of solid wood blocks to develop their building spatial, problem-solving skills, and language.

* For children between 18 to 48 months
* 70 wooded pieces in 18 different shapes
* Made with a water-based finish and paints

4) Sensory strands

Can be sued to discover gripping, reaching, and having a new feel.

* Ideal for those between 0 to 12 months
* Easily attaches to the play gym in less than 30 seconds
* Made with 90% organic cotton and 10% polyester silk, Filled with 805 plastic film and 20% polyester fibers.

5) Montessori placemat and utensils

The perfect material to strengthen their fine motor skill.

* Ideal for children 18 months and above
* Made with 100% organic cotton napkins
* Comes in 2 styles

6) The pull pup

A pup on a string that your kids can pull and is useful for coordination.

* For children 18 months and above
* Made with FSC certifies sustainably sourced wood

7) Black and white cards

Comes with multiple patterns and colors to develop babies’ vision.

* For babies 0 and above
* Comes in 4 types

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