7 Beautiful Instant Camera To Catch Stunning Photos

The instant camera has been one of the favorites for casual photographers or even for experts. It is famous because it’s easy to use anywhere and anytime. There are many types of instant polaroid cameras that you can choose from in the market. Today we will list 7 beautiful instant camera to catch stunning photos.

1) Polaroid Now I-type Instant Camera

This new analog camera comes with autofocus to help catch stunning photos.

* Comes in 10 colors
* Comes with a neck strap and USB charging cable
* Works with 1-type and 600 films

2) Polaroid Now Travel Set

Take this instant camera on this holiday with ease as it comes in full set

* Comes with an instant camera, I-type film, and camera beg
* The camera comes in 10 colors
* The beg comes in 6 colors

3) Polaroid Now Gift Set

This set is perfect for your holiday and as a gift for others.

* Comes with an instant camera, i-type film, and strap
* the strap comes in 6 colors

4) Polaroid Now Album Gift Set

Take the photo, print it, and keep it in your personalized album with this set.

* Comes with an instant camera, i-type film, and a large album
* The album comes in 2 colors

5) Polaroid Now I-type Instant Camera - The Mandalorian

This camera is inspired by Beskar to capture the precious in life

* This is a limited edition camera
* Comes with a double exposure feature

6) Polaroid Now I-type Instant Camera - Keith Haring Edition

Another limited edition camera comes with iconic artwork of Haring.

* Comes in red color
* Comes in classic Polaroid film format

7) Polaroid Now Ultra Color Set - Mint

This new analog camera creates photos with more colors.

* Comes with an instant camera and spectrum edition i-type film
* Comes with metallic night edition i-type film double pack

If you are looking for a beautiful instant camera then head over to Polaroid now. For more info and price please click the link below. Hurry as the stocks are limited.