8 Easy Use Therapeutic Products That Help In Muscle Recovery And Es

Therapeutic products these days are conveniently used at home and are easily accessible via buying online or in retail. This is perfect for all of us as we are in need of better ways to recover from muscle strains that induce pain in our bodies from our day-to-day work or whenever we feel a bit under the weather.

Here are 8 Therapeutic Products PowerPoints by Therabody that you can use for muscle recovery:

1. The Powerdot 2.0 Uno

Electrical muscle stimulator that is lightweight and can be used anywhere. It Guides/customizes your intensity and pad placement and introduces the concept of NMES and TENS (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

2. The Powerdot 2.0 Duo

Muscle stimulator that is lightweight and can be used anywhere. This Speeds up recovery and has two pads included and lets muscles contract to mimic training and enhance performance.

3. Powerdot Charging Station

It conveniently charges your power dots and protects them.

4. Powerdot 2.0 Butterfly Back pad

Easily apply stimulation to your lower back via the specific design. This accelerates recovery as it mirrors treatment effects on both sides.

5. Powerdot 2.0 Electorde Pad

Replacement electrode pads but it is compatible with power dot 2.0 only.

6. Powerdot 1.0 Electrode Pad

Allows you to have your pads in prime condition. It Stimulates muscles for recovery through electricity.

7. Powerdot Pro Bundle

Power dot must-haves in one pack. This is the best-seller for athletes as everything that targets areas they usually strain in their back is here. This has worth six months of extra pads. A butterfly pack for lower back strains in muscles is included and a charging dock for powering up your pads.

8. Got Your Back Bundle

This product literally does. It has all one solution for specialized relief. This is designed by Dr. Jason Wersland (Founder, Therabody) to address acute and chronic pain. All back pain solutions that can be done right in the comforts of your home are all in this pack.

With these Products and their power points seen in this article, it is definite that one can lessen or escape the daily pain of having their muscles strained due to overworking, training, or day-to-day activities themselves. Be sure to take care of your body and muscle and treat yourselves once in a while to therapeutic products that are ensured to be of quality, easy to use, have value for your money, and are trusted by athletes around the world. These products here are worth investing in!