8 Wedding Rings With Unique Designs And Amazing Craftsmanship

Wedding rings are difficult to pick because there are thousands of different models. However, some models are more popular than others. If you want to get wedding rings that are a bit out of the ordinary and that you will love for years to come, you should check out the below selection of 8 wedding rings for men & women.

8. Kay Jewelers Men's Diamond Wedding Band

It is rare to see men’s wedding rings with diamonds on them. However uncommon they may be, the Kay Jewelers Men’s Diamond Wedding Band manages to add a luxurious twist. Their model combines two shades of gold along with diamonds that separate the two which make up for a unique look.

7. the Blue Nile 33763

The 33763 wedding ring from the Blue Nile is impossible not to love. It is a simple diamond ring that has a classic design that proved to be timeless. Made using 14K white gold and genuine diamonds, the ring can also be stacked with other ring styles.

6. the Blue Nile 73451

When it comes to unique wedding rings for men & women, the Blue Nile 73451 takes the prize. It is made from tungsten carbide, a rare material with a dark gray finish. The model has a strong masculine design and a comfortable fit.

5. Kay Jewelers Now & Forever

The Now & Forever wedding ring from Kay Jewelers has a nice twist to it that makes it elegant and unique. The arched shape paved with small diamonds strays away from what some would call classic wedding rings.

4. Grown Brilliance Side Stone Engagement Ring

Wedding rings for men & women that have a large diamond will always be popular. If you enjoy this type of ring, the Grow Brilliance Side Stone wedding ring should be on your shortlist. With an elegant and detailed design, the ring certainly demands attention.

3. the Blue Nile 48634

The Blue Nile 48634 is perfect for someone that wants a wedding ring that is discreet and does not stand out. Made using 14K white gold and filled with diamonds along with a thin band, the ring has a classic design that will never get out of fashion.

2. the Blue Nile 43481

The Blue Nile 43481 is the ideal pick for men that want a masculine wedding ring. Crafted with a satin finish from black tungsten carbide, the model is thick and impossible not to notice. It has an imposing design and lowered edges that make it stand out.

1. the Blue Nile 60645

Blue Nile 60645 is one of those wedding rings for men & women that everyone loves. Its design is not innovative but it is well crafted, elegant, and discreet. With a twisted band, covered with diamonds, the Blue Nile ring is one of their most popular models.