Best Aura Frames To Fully Enjoy Your Memories

Smart digital photo frames can help us enjoy all of our favorite moments with ease. Aura frames promise to do just that: make our memories unforgettable by displaying an unlimited number of photos of your liking. Whether you wish to display some of the most joyful moments with your family or friends. nostalgic memories from your past trips or special events, like birthday parties.

Here is a list of the best aura frames to give as a gift to your beloved ones!

Carver Luxe Aura Frame

A slim, elegant, and stylish photo frame, Carver Luxe is also, a great gift idea for your loved ones. With unlimited photo and video storage, a 10.1” Full HD widescreen, and a built-in speaker that allows you to hear sound from your videos crystal clear, it is no wonder that this frame has gained the love of everyone who has decided to offer it as a gift.

What’s more, Carver Luxe Aura Frame is equipped with an adjustable slideshow speed option so that you can decide how fast the photos will run, and with the Intelligent Photo Pairing system, it can pair two photos side-by-side.

Smith Aura Frame

With a modern, industrial design and made of stainless steel material, Smith is a sturdy, elegant and unique photo frame. Suitable for every house, it offers owners an unparalleled photo quality, and the frame can be fully rotated to use in a Landscape or Portrait mode. Whether you choose the Blac Onyx color or the Platinum Rose, you can offer it as a gift to your family or dear friends.

A benefit of this frame, as with every else Aura Frame is the fact that it can be connected to the Aura app and allow you to upload photos from anywhere.