Best Wine Enthusiast Furniture

1. Vintage Double Half Barrel Bar

This stunning barrel bar furniture is all you need to make your room feel like a wine yard. The furniture is beautifully crafted with high-quality materials to give your room a flattering look. The furniture is designed with real wine barrels with footrests and wide shelving for adequate storage.

2. Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Pub Table

This amazing table is wonderful in both your living room and the back of your porch. The table is crafted from the famous Tennessee whiskey barrel. The table is beautifully designed with solid oak, edged iron, and amazing metal rivets.

3. Recycled Wine Barrel Kegerator

This awesome table is designed from a recycled wine barrel. The furniture is ideal for inside or outdoor parties since it is easy to carry. The furniture also serves as a kegerator to allow you and your friends to serve themselves. It comes with an ice bucket, top tap, gauges, and hoses.

4. Wine Barrel Head End Table

This gorgeous and wonderful table is crafted from a wine barrel head that is fitted on top of three stainless steel hairpin legs to create a distinct accent table. It features a walnut stain finish on the top of the barrel. The table can be customized with your name and year.

5. Reclaimed Wine Barrel Bar/Island Set

This unique barrel bar table will give your home a stunning and flattering look. The island set features 2 French Oak wine barrel bases. One of the barrel bases has a 28-bottle wine rack and the other has a lazy Susan shelf. The top is crafted from solid white oak.

6. Vintage Oak Barrel Bistro Table Set

This bistro table features storage and craft options for everyday entertainment. The furniture is designed from reclaimed wine barrels. The table set is suitable for both country and urban rooms or bars. It is the perfect table to serve wine.

7. Reclaimed Wine Barrel Coffee Table

This unique and elegant table is designed from recycled wine barrels. It features sturdy hardware to firmly maintain the top in place. It also has ample storage space. The craftsmanship of this furniture is colorful and excellent.

8. Bourbon Barrel Stave Swivel Stool

The elegant swivel stool is crafted from a reclaimed whiskey barrel. The stool is ideal for homes, bars, studio spaces, and countertop. The stool features a comfortable footrest for maximum comfort.