Prep Courses to Help Improve your SAT Scores

7 Prep Courses to Help Improve your SAT Scores

Are you ready to take on the world and enter college life? Before you rush and start packing for your new life as a college student, you must first prepare for your SATs. So, here are some prep courses you can take to make sure you ace your SATs:

1. SAT ® 1400+

This course has leading SAT experts teach techniques that got students to rank in the top 5% of SAT takers. It has 36+ hours of classroom instruction and lets you do practice drills facilitated by AI.

2. SAT Summer Camp

With this study course, you will be able to be fully prepared for your SATs in just two weeks. It includes 18 hours of classroom, monitored practices, and 30-hour review sessions with personal interactions with your instructor.

3. SAT ® 1500+

Have highly qualified instructors that will be with you to help coordinate your goals for the SAT 1500+. You will have a devoted coaching manager who will support and guide you throughout your preparation.

4. SAT® Essentials

Get to know the SAT essentials with this valuable! It contains eighteen hours of focused classroom time, 135+ expert video lessons, and unlimited access to SAT Advantage Live Online sessions.

5. SAT ® & ACT ® Self-Paced

If you dislike scheduled learning sessions, this self-paced SAT prep course is for you. You will have access to 280+ online video lessons, 377 online drills, and 3,200+ practice questions that can all be at your own pace!

6. SAT® Private Tutoring

This SAT prep course provides a much more personalized learning system. Your designated expert tutor can either guide you online or in person. Aside from having a dedicated tutor, you will also be provided with complete and single-section practice exams and other helpful and highly interactive practice tools.

7. The Princeton Live Review ® Sessions

Finally, this course provides SAT preppers an excellent opportunity to hear from Princeton Review experts regarding SATs and other academic endeavors! Sessions are held weekly via YouTube live streams.

There you go! Get yourself ready for the SATs and face your future ahead with no worries!