The 5 Top Hostels In Prague

Prague is a fairy tale city with medieval architecture, cobbled stone streets, and beautiful landmarks and attractions. It’s no surprise then why it’s become a popular tourist destination, including amongst backpackers. Here, we’ll give you the five top hostels in Prague.

1) Hostel Orange

Hostel Orange is situated right in the center of Prague, so it will be close to all of the best spots in the city for you to indulge yourself in. It’s cheap, quiet, and has a relaxed atmosphere for backpackers who want to be able to unwind after a busy day of sightseeing.

2) Hostel Elf

Hostel ELF is the perfect hostel for travelers who want to be able to cook themselves food while meeting new friends. It has a chilled-out vibe with street art on the walls and hosts events and parties to get all those who are staying to join and meet together. It’s a fun hostel for the more lively backpacker.

3) Sophie's Hostel

Sophie’s Hostel gives the expression as more of a hotel-like establishment. With modern designs and more luxurious facilities, Sophie’s can really make a traveler feel relaxed and more at home. It’s just a few streets away from the New Town Wenceslas Square. Early morning breakfast is available on site.

4) Sir Toby's Hostel

Sir Toby’s is a backpacker’s favorite with a cellar bar and regular events, evening activities, and games that help everyone to get to know each other. Food is available, and dinner nights and BBQs are held during the summer.

5) Czech Inn

Czech Inn sits close enough to the city center to conveniently travel into it but also far enough outside that you don’t get caught in the overwhelm of the crowds. The staff is heralded for being friendly and inviting to the guests.

If you’re traveling through Prague as a backpacker or want a cheap and cheerful place to stay, you’ll have no trouble. Prague has plenty of hostels that you choose from. Here are five of the top hostels in Prague.