4 Healthy Meals For A Healthier And Strong Body

Today we will list down some of the healthy meals that are very important to our body

1) Strawberry chocolate smoothie

* Comes with passion fruit that contains vitamin A for healthier skin
* Comes with sea buckthorn berry for collagen production
* Comes with tocos that prevent skin cell damage

2) Vegetable bolognese grain bowl

* Comes with protein-filled wild rice for your muscle growth
* Comes with shitake mushroom that contains vitamins D for healthier bones
* Comes with tomatoes that give resistance to diseases

3) Kale pesto noodles

* Comes with nutritional yeast that is packed with protein
* Comes with tomatoes to give resistance to diseases
* Comes with kale that is packed with antioxidants and vitamin C

4) Cauliflower potato chowder soup

* Comes with navy beans that can steady your blood sugar
* Comes with coconut that keeps your hair and skin healthy
* Comes with cauliflower which is important for brain growth

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