Best 7 Polaroid I-type Films To Improve Your Instant Photos

Polaroid printers and cameras have been becoming more popular thanks to their unique offerings and features that are offered to the users. However, after taking so many instant photos, it is important to have i-Type films to refill the device. These instant films come in a wide range of specs and styles that depending on your tastes and preferences, could become a great ally in your collection. The next article will list the BEST 7 POLAROID I-TYPE FILMS TO IMPROVE YOUR INSTANT PHOTOS.


1.- Polaroid Color I-type Film:

They are made for modern instant cameras. Coming with 8 instant photographs to bring your best memories to life in powerful colors, this i-Type fil is compatible with many Polaroid devices and it is also a battery-free option, meaning that it works for the budget. The starting price of this product is $16.99.

2.- Polaroid Color I-type Film - Color Frames Edition:

Rationally similar that the previously explained instant film pack the major difference is that these 8 photographs will come out with a block-colored frame, giving a vibrant twist to the photos. Coming at a starting price of $17.99.

3.- Polaroid I-type Core Film Triple Pack:

Just in case the traditional single pack option was not enough for your preference, here is the triple pack version. This version gives the user two packs of color instant films and an additional black and white option. Handling more efficiency and stock into your collection, getting out of instant films will never happen again for the starting price of $48.

4.- Polaroid Color I-type Film Double Pack - Golden Moments Edition:

Treasuring the best moments of your life will never be something easy, until today. The Golden Moments Edition gives a shining metallic gold finishing to your photos to treasure what truly matters to you. Comes with a starting price of $31.99.

5.- Polaroid B&w I-type Film:

A modern film made for modern instant cameras with a slight twist… it comes in a classic black and white finishing on your photos. Ths black and white i-type film will give your photos dramatic shadows and soft highlights at a starting price of $16.99.

6.- Polaroid Color I-type Film - Spectrum Edition:

A colorful option for those who like funky, and chunky colors. Inspired by Polaroid’s founder’s love of the light spectrum, this pack will give you 8 photos for the starting price of $17.99.

7.- Polaroid Color I-type Film - Black Frame Edition:

The Black Frame Edition gives a classic yet appealing tone to the photos by featuring a black frame that will make good times bold thanks to the color chemistry between the photo and the matte black frame. This comes at a starting price of $17.99.